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In addition to sponsored student organizations, Wharton offers over 40 independent undergraduate student clubs. Students learn valuable skills through planning club conferences and events, participating in or organizing community service projects, and serving as club leaders. Student organizations are also a great way to socialize with other students. You can learn more about club options and sign up for clubs in August at the annual Clubbing Night event sponsored by the Wharton Council. There is truly something for everyone!

Alpha Kappa Psi
Alpha Kappa Psi is America's first and largest co-ed professional business fraternity. Their mission is to develop skilled, ethical, connected, resourceful, and innovative business leaders through professional, social, and community service activities.

Black Wharton Undergraduate Association
The mission of BWUA is to maintain and increase the academic success of African-American students on the undergraduate level, to establish and maintain relationships between students and the external corporate community, and to represent the African-American interest in business or business-related issues for undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania.

Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business at universities, to encourage scholarship, social activity, and association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice.

Penn Fashion Collective
Penn Fashion Collective provides opportunities for students to learn about fashion design, fashion show production and direction, fashion journalism, and the fashion and retail industries. The club also publishes The WALK, a co-ed fashion magazine focusing on style and fashion on Penn's campus.

Management & Technology Club
The M&T Club strives to bring together students interested in the intersection of management and technology by holding professional, social, and academic events throughout the year to help members learn more about prospective careers, plan their curriculum, and meet like-minded students.

Media & Entertainment Club
The purpose of the Wharton Media & Entertainment Club is to meet the needs of Wharton students and alumni interested in media and entertainment industries.

The Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment (MUSE) empowers students by providing knowledge, relationships and resources to enrich their understanding and interest in the field of marketing.

Penn Actuarial Society
Penn Actuarial Society is a club that brings together students interested in or concentrating in actuarial science.

Penn International Impact Consulting
Penn International Impact Consulting (PIIC) promotes awareness of the need to use business skills to benefit those in need throughout the world. PIIC organizes and implements student trips to provide consulting to nonprofits and NGO's in developing countries.

Penn Microfinance Club
Penn Microfinance is the first and largest undergraduate microfinance organization in the United States. The club strives to be an effective social impact group by connecting students with relevant field work and by conducting research about the microfinance movement.

Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement (PennSEM)
PennSEM is dedicated to the advocacy of social entrepreneurship, and providing opportunities in this field for the Penn community.

Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society 
Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society provides a platform for undergraduates interested in biotechnology through entrepreneurship, consulting, investment, and research opportunities.

Phi Gamma Nu
Phi Gamma Nu is Wharton's newest co-ed professional business fraternity. Phi Gamma Nu places an emphasis on enriching members' understanding of global perspectives in business.

Social Impact Consulting Group
The Social Impact Consulting Group exposes University of Pennsylvania students to the field of non-profit consulting and encourages students to develop an understanding of social responsibility as they proceed in their personal and professional careers.

Undergraduate Sports Business Club
USBC is dedicated to disseminating information about the sports industry to undergraduates and helping students obtain internships and positions in the field.

Undergraduate Statistics Society
The Undergraduate Statistics Society provides various initiatives to spread awareness and interest about statistics through community building events, mentorship programs with PhD students, and career/networking opportunities.

Wharton Alliance
The Wharton Alliance is Penn's undergraduate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender pre-professional organization. We aim to establish an accepting environment for LGBT University of Pennsylvania students in the business world by providing them with a variety of activities, programs, and events.

Wharton Asia Exchange (WAX)
The Wharton Asia Exchange's mission is to bridge the gap between the university community and the Asian business environment. WAX aims to fulfill the aspirations of students interested in learning, experiencing, and exploring Asia.

Wharton Business Law Association
WBLA's purpose is to unite all Penn students interested in law, and show them how they can integrate a business education with law aspirations.

Wharton China Association
Wharton China Association helps members gain professional experience through interactions with US and Chinese firms, while enriching the experiences of students and alumni through cultural events and workshops about issues facing China.

Wharton China Business Society
The Society designs programs that connect students in the United States and the Greater China region, whether it be for knowledge, career, networking, or friendship.

Wharton Europe Club
The Wharton Europe Club helps students find and apply to academic and professional positions in Europe. The club also maintains a rapport between European companies and institutions and the Wharton undergraduate student body. Wharton Europe's members are motivated by the strong network the club establishes among Europe-affiliated undergraduate students.

Wharton Hedge Fund Club
The WHFC is an educational organization that educates students about the hedge fund industry by bringing students into contact with industry professionals.

Wharton International Business Review
Wharton International Business Review is a magazine focusing on international business-related topics that is written, edited, and published by Wharton undergraduate students.

Wharton Investment and Trading Group
The Wharton Investment and Trading Group is dedicated to educating students about the basics of investing while providing a team structure that helps create an undergraduate investing community.

Wharton Latino Undergraduate Association
Wharton Latino works to promote and bring together the Latino community at Penn. The club serves as a gateway for students to learn more about Latin America and Latino culture, and holds various professional, social, and community service events.

Wharton Management Club
Through a speaker series, professional networking sessions, professor luncheons, and other events, the Wharton Management Club provides students with opportunities to gain insight into the field of management.

Wharton Middle East and North Africa Association
The Wharton Middle East and North Africa Association is committed to exploring all opportunities that can be generated through creating interest from students, faculty, and staff in the growing business sector in the Gulf region.

Wharton Politics & Business Association
WPBA strives to become an active participant in shaping public policy by providing students with a forum to learn about, discuss, and debate political and business issues; open dialogue with political and business leaders; a platform to voice creative solutions for political and business problems; and information about careers in public policy.

Wharton Private Equity/Venture Capital Association
The goal of WPEVCA is to provide students with the opportunity and resources to learn about the unique aspects of private equity and venture capital, network with professionals in the industries, and secure a place for Wharton undergraduates in these industries.

Wharton Retail Club
The Wharton Retail Club works closely with the Jay H. Baker Retailing Initiative to build a strong relationship between students interested in retail and the retail industry.

Wharton Supply Chain Organization
The Wharton Supply Chain Organization provides students with first-hand operational knowledge and exposes them to best practices and innovation in industrial supply chains. It works to empower Penn students to become tomorrow's successful business managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club
The Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club provides undergraduates interested in consulting easy access to information and resources relating to the consulting industry in order for them to make well-informed career decisions.

Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group
WUEG provides a forum for undergraduate students to explore energy issues, at the intersection of business, science, and policy, considering economic and investment issues as well as innovation and research. WUEG also informs undergraduates about the energy industry and helps students obtain internships and full-time jobs.

Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club
WUEC is for undergraduates in the process of starting a venture or who are exploring a career working for early-stage companies. Through guest speakers, student presentations, and networking opportunities WUEC provides students with actionable tips, strategies, and insights to apply to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club
The Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club helps undergraduates gain out-of-class experience in finance by facilitating interaction between faculty, alumni, students, and professionals in the workforce.

Wharton Undergraduate Giving Society
The Wharton Undergraduate Giving Society promotes a norm of giving in the Wharton undergraduate community by facilitating acts of kindness to positively impact the student experience. WUGS envisions a more amicable and integrated undergraduate community, where students are educated about the benefits of giving versus taking.

Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club
The Healthcare Club helps students learn about and understand the health care industry, connect with others with similar interests in health care, and find entry-level positions at health-care-focused firms.

Wharton Undergraduate Hospitality and Travel Club
The Wharton Undergraduate Hospitality and Travel Club provides a forum for students to increase their knowledge, grow their network, and gain exposure to the hospitality and travel industries.

Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club
Promotes greater awareness of the real estate industry to the Wharton community and provides an informal forum for students interested in real estate to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Wharton Undergraduate Society for the Gaming Industry
The Society explores the sometimes mystifying world of gaming through a multidisciplinary lens and provides a collaborative platform for students to engage and learn from. Society members will learn about a myriad of different subjects through interaction with industry experts and professionals at speaker events, recruitment activities, and possible site visits.

Wharton Women
Wharton Women strives to facilitate the personal and career development of women in business by building a network of exceptional undergraduates, professionals, and faculty.

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