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Any 2 of these 3 courses will fulfill the requirement.

Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) 203: Business in the Global Political Environment*
This course focuses on business issues that are mediated through the public sector. The course applies theoretical principles of strategic thinking, industrial organization, and political science to studying the interactions between multinational firms and political institutions.

Prerequisites: ECON 1 or equivalent

Legal Studies (LGST) 101: Introduction to Law and Legal Process
This course considers basic concepts of law and legal process in the U.S. and other legal systems. It introduces the fundamentals of rigorous legal analysis.

Legal Studies (LGST) 210: Corporate Responsibility and Ethics
This course explores business responsibility from rival theoretical and managerial perspectives. Its focus includes theories of ethics and their application to case studies in business.

Note: All Societal Environment courses must be taken for a grade, not pass/fail.

* Formerly Business and Public Policy (BPUB) 203: Business in the Global Political Environment