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Second Concentration Only

Department website: http://lgst.wharton.upenn.edu/

Concentration advisors:
Prof. Philip Nichols (215.898.9369) and Lauretta Tomasco (632 JMHH, 215.898.1166)

The social impact & responsibility (SI&R) concentration seeks to examine the question: "How should business enterprises and business thinking be engaged to improve society in areas not always associated with business?" SI&R is an inter-disciplinary field that encourages students to approach their core courses and primary concentration courses from a socially oriented perspective.

Students will take one foundation course, one focus course, one application course, and one elective. One of the four credits for the concentration must contain a significant experiential component that gives students the opportunity to pursue field work or an in-depth project. The experiential requirement can be either course-based (e.g., a socially oriented project for the Wharton Field Challenge, an academically based community service course, or any other relevant course with a strong field component) or an independent study completed under the supervision of a faculty member. Students can use the experiential component to count as their elective, and under certain circumstances, the experiential component can also fulfill the application course requirement.

Required (foundation course)

  • LGST 230: Social Impact & Responsibility

Plus one of (focus course):

  • FNCE 230: Urban Fiscal Policy
  • FNCE 254: Impact Investing
  • HCMG 204: Comparative Healthcare Systems
  • HCMG 213: Healthcare Strategy & Management
  • LGST 202: Law of Corporate Management and Finance
  • LGST 210: Corporate Responsibility and Ethics*
  • LGST 215: Environmental Management
  • LGST 216: Emerging Economies
  • LGST 220: International Business Ethics
  • LGST 224: Human Rights and Globalization
  • MGMT 199-021: Knowledge for Social Impact
  • MGMT 209: Political Environment of the Multinational Firm
  • MKTG 233: The Social Impact of Marketing (0.5 CU)

Plus one of (application course):

  • BEPP 214: Nonprofit Sector - Economic Challenges and Strategic Responses
  • BEPP 261: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management
  • BEPP 289: Nations, Politics and Markets
  • HCMG 212: Healthcare Quality and Outcomes
  • HCMG 302: Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery
  • LGST 213: Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 212: Entrepreneurship & Societal Wealth Venturing
  • MGMT 235: Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 246: Social Innovation and Social Enterprise
  • MGMT 283: Strategies for Economic Inclusion

Plus one elective course:
Electives can fall under multiple categories. Students may choose to take a focus or application course. Additionally, students can choose to take a relevant non-Wharton course with the approval of the concentration advisor (for example, Urban Education).

Plus one experiential component:
Must be approved by concentration advisor. The experiential component of the SI&R concentration is described in greater detail above.

* If LGST 210 is taken as Societal Environment requirement, it may not be taken as a focus course.