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Course Match applies the latest academic theory to optimize your schedule based on your preferences and course availability. The goal of Course Match is simple - to maximize your satisfaction with your schedule.
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Spring, 2014 Updates

Update #3 - sent December 2, 2013
Update #2 - sent November 22, 2013
Update #1 - sent November 20, 2013
Course Match is Live - sent November 4, 2013


Week of Monday, October 28
Course Match opens
Students report and modify their preferences for Spring, 2014 courses

Wednesday, December 4 − 7:00pm
Last day for students to report and modify preferences
Course Match closes at 7:00pm

Thursday, December 12
Course Schedules are reported

Friday, December 13 − 12:00pm
Drop/Add “buffer period” begins

Monday, December 16 − 7:00pm
Drop/Add “buffer period” ends

Monday, January 13
First day of Q3 and spring semester core courses

Wednesday, January 15
First day of Q3 and spring semester elective courses

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Course Match Manual v.1.4

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